Other ways to access the collection


The Collections are now accessible, not just on our own website, but also extensively on the online platforms of Art UK, Google Arts and CultureArtsy online gallery, Europeana archive, and extensively on Social Media sites including Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. In total, there are some 10,000 different representations of works from our collection available across the internet which are designed to link back to this virtual museum.

You may also see works from the collection in one of Ben Uri’s many touring exhibitions and our extensive loan programme to other museum exhibitions. You can find out more on our Exhibitions page on our Ben Uri Collections site.


Why do we have other ways of accessing the collection? 


This expansive virtual museum and our wide engagement in sharing our collection across some 20 digital platforms is Ben Uri’s response to a changed and ever-changing local and global world around us. The future is Digital and this virtual museum is our long-term commitment to wide and diverse engagement about our collections and their meaning and impact on society. 


Ben Uri actively, and thankfully unsuccessfully, searched for a new centrally located building of appropriate size since reopening in 2002. Finding an affordable site in the right location proved an impossible task, as the Trustees were acutely aware that acquiring a site in the wrong location was fatal. Between 2016 and 2017 we negotiated a collecting, exhibiting and academic partnership with a synergistic university to maximise and enhance the Ben Uri museum strengths, but ultimately it was not to be. The Board undertook a further extensive options analysis and published our 2019 Sustainability and Public Benefit Strategic Plan in October 2018 which addressed the future over many decades ahead rather than the standard 10-year plan which is the norm. 


Pivotal to the many enlightened changes to traditional long-standing museum practices embodied in the strategy is this commitment to addressing tomorrow's challenges today rather than today's challenges tomorrow.



Why Give?


Ben Uri is a registered British charity (280389). We seek and need your donations to be able to fund and expand our work across our 3 principal and distinctive areas of public benefit being:

  • Research and digitally record the Jewish and immigrant contribution to British visual culture since 1900 - including the current;

  • Research and commission collection inspired art interventions for the over 70s to enrich their quality of life through digital channels;

  • Develop our pioneering first full scale virtual museum and research centre to maximise engagement across a global digital audience. 



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